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Medical Sciences

Healthcare employment is expected to grow at a faster rate than any other occupational group between 2018 and 2028, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Hospitals, doctor’s and dentist’s offices, outpatient care facilities, and private practises all employ healthcare professionals.

Various medical fields necessitate varying levels of education. Many top health occupations offer entry-level chances to graduates with associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degrees. While physicians require typically 6-8 years of education, many top health jobs give entry-level possibilities to graduates with associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degrees.


Engineering is a diverse field that offers a variety of rewarding opportunities. The majority of engineers specialise in one field, such as civil, aerospace, or electrical engineering. 

A bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related discipline is often required for engineering positions. A master’s degree is required for several engineering careers, particularly in management. Engineers with a specialised degree may be qualified for a career in a related field. 

An engineering degree, regardless of your field of study, will include a substantial amount of math and science coursework.

Working with cutting-edge technology is a satisfying career path for many engineers. The engineering sector is ever-evolving and innovative thanks to this superior technologies. Engineers usually love collaborating with other team members to develop technological advances. Their working environment is never static.

Professional engineers, tend to stay with the same employer for much longer periods of time than individuals in other professions.


Architecture is a constantly changing and expanding profession. 

In India and abroad, a profession as an architect has a lot of potential. Not only may one work on the design and building of homes and businesses, but they can also engage in a variety of disciplines such as planning exhibition and sporting event locations, constructing innovative lighting systems, and designing landscapes. 

By utilizing their inventive ideas and analytical skills, an architect can study the process of creating complexes, commercial buildings, malls and other civil construction. 

Meeting with clients to determine structure objectives and requirements, directing workers who prepare drawings and documents, preparing structure specifications, managing construction contracts, and preparing scaled drawings, either with computer software or by hand, are all part of an architect’s job.

Computer Sciences

In today’s highly digitalised world, potential employees who know how to design and enhance software are in high demand, making computer science an increasingly attractive field among those looking for a well-paying job after graduation.

Computer science is a discipline that focuses on the study of software systems, and a degree in the field can lead to a range of jobs.
According to computer science experts, the demand for computer scientists is not confined to roles in Silicon Valley technology corporations, despite appearances. Instead, as technology becomes more prevalent in the business world, organisations across a wide range of industries are seeking graduates of computer science programmes.

The number of employment openings for computer science graduates is increasing at an exponential rate. Employment in computer and information technology occupations is predicted to grow by 13% between 2016 and 2026, faster than the average for all occupations, according to the estimate.

Business Management

A career in business management focuses on business process strategy, execution, analysis, and supervision. Communication, leadership, analytical ability, and environmental awareness are just a few of the abilities required. 

Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are vital, but the latter is particularly so; the two-year MBA programme, which teaches, is a highly sought-after course. Students typically seek a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM).

Graduates in management may easily find work in any industry. Marketing managers, financial managers, strategic managers, operations managers, and human resource managers are just a few of the management specialisations where opportunities abound. MNCs that enter the country and our enterprises that expand internationally are always creating new jobs.

Even at this level, remuneration is normally good, although senior managers, as well as managers in major private organisations, can command significantly greater pay.

Finance & Accounting

Finance encompasses a wide range of topics, including not only the management of money but also the acquisition of cash. Personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance are the three subcategories, each of which demands a particular skill set and perspective; yet, the concepts remain the same, and each function necessitates familiarity and comfort with particular areas of accounting.

Money management necessitates money sourcing, which can be done either directly, through a bank, or through corporate funds, depending on the type of funding involved. As a result, a career in finance necessitates a thorough understanding of not only accounting principles, but also the most effective methods for obtaining and investing funds.

After graduation, a career in finance offers high compensation and quick job placement. Financial analyst employment are expected to rise by more than 12% between now and 2024, outpacing most other categories.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality career can be a good fit for those with a variety of talents, certifications, and experiences, and there is frequently a lot of room for advancement. However, having a broad awareness of the sector is essential, and it is good to get an overview of the many hospitality roles .

The hospitality business is a subset of the broader service business, and it encompasses a number of essential industries such as lodging, food and beverage, and travel and tourism. Hospitality includes, for example, hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, tour operators, and travel brokers.

There are a wide range of hospitality occupations available, each focusing on a distinct aspect of the sector.

Fashion Designing

Fashion design is a discipline that necessitates reaching deep into one’s mind to achieve the greatest results. 

The field is competitive, but with new technology, innovation, and new profiles emerging, one may undoubtedly discover one’s niche and prosper in it.

Many young fashion hopefuls dream of breaking into the industry. The sparkle and glamour that is associated with the profession fascinates them. As a result, numerous students enroll in fashion design courses around the country each year. 

Fashion design is an excellent career choice for those who have a passion for clothing design and are up to date on the newest trends. If you enjoy dissecting different looks and figuring out their subtleties, this is the field for you.

Multimedia & Movie Production

Multimedia design touches every industry on the earth in one form or another. Becoming a professional designer has never been more broad or fascinating, as it encompasses a wide range of job routes and aesthetic domains. A career in multimedia design provides something for every artist, whether you work from home or as part of a corporate team.

Multimedia designers produce visual pictures to communicate a certain message to an audience. The goal of a communication is usually to persuade, inform, or entertain. Multimedia designers operate in a variety of fields, including television and film production, marketing and public relations, website design, graphic design, video game production, and other creative fields.

Multimedia designers employ a variety of techniques and tools to create work that elicits an emotional response from the audience. Drawing, using computer software applications, and writing a plot or message to complement the visual image are all skills they might employ on a daily basis. The research phase of a project consumes a significant amount of time for multimedia designers. This is necessary to assure the project’s success after it has been completed and released to the public.

Esports & Gaming

A job in the esports and gaming industry is thrilling, but it is also a fiercely competitive business that combines creativity, technology, and entertainment. For individuals that are passionate about sports and gaming and dedicate their lives to making new and improved games, it is always an exciting and unique vocation.

The widespread availability of the internet has resulted in a massive demand for online games, which is expanding at a rapid rate thanks to technological advancements. Aspirants in this profession have a wide range of employment opportunities, from artists to musicians to sound engineers to programmers. Gaming, as we all know, is one of the greatest segments of the entertainment industry and is usually regarded as the hottest career on the planet. In today’s world, it is a difficult profession. 

The gaming sector offers a plethora of chances, and it is a popular career choice for young people. And, for those who wish to be a part of the fun of making a new video, it is done by a team of experienced persons whose work profiles differ depending on their designations. 

Designing, programming, fine arts, software development, and framing are all required skills for those seeking employment in the gaming industry.

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